I'm Jay Parlar. I’m a husband, father, and software guy. I have a Ph.D. in Software Engineering, and was previously the Program Manager for NECSIS. I've recently returned to my engineering roots and I'm working as a developer again.

I can be reached at [email protected] or @parlar

I’ve been writing Python code since the summer of 2001, and definitely consider myself a “Python guy”. I also have extensive experience with embedded systems, writing C/C++/Assembly code both bare-metal and on top of extremely light-weight operating systems.

My stuff is at:

I have a black-belt in GoJu Ryu karate, but the Ph.D. took up too much time, so I haven’t been able to train in a few years. Looking forward to getting back to it.

I’m also the President of the Ainslie Wood/Westdale Community Association of Resident Homeowners Inc.